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Where in the world is Michael Van Delft?

In August 2015, I set myself the goal of publishing one post per week on this site for at least a year. I've managed that goal, this will be my 124th post and so far I've had great fun writing.

By the time this post gets published I will have …

Simple Windows SMTP relay

In a recent post I mentioned that I had survived an Office 365 migration with only minimal scarring. We run HPE Content Manager which is "Enterprise Software". Just like the large government agencies that Content Manager is designed for it's big, slow, resistant to change, expensive, bureaucratic but yet incredibly …

The importance of open standards

I recently looked through my archives and was surprised to find that I hadn't blogged about this before as it's something I get quite passionate about.

Many companies try to set up proprietary standards in IT in an attempt to control the market. It's a horrible practice and needs to …

Hang Gliding Over Hell, 3 drives die in a 6 drive NAS

A while ago I wrote about learning from failure. This is a story of failure; Hardware failure, failure of design and failure of my self (The systems administrator) to not correct the issues earlier. It's hard to write about, but I believe that stories of failure can teach us just …

The bicycle side channel

There is a problem with most cryptographic systems, it's not new and it affects most systems.

Most formal definitions of a "Perfect security" within cryptography (think One Time Pads) still allow for a few things to be leaked; the size of the messages, the sender and receiver of the messages …

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