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Live chat support on websites

I'll just come out and say it, I like those live chat support things on websites.

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I feel like I should dislike them because they are usually clunky and often show as a popup at an inconvenient time rather than just an option on the contact us page. There are …

How many android patterns are there?

This is a post I've had kicking around in my drafts folder for just over 2 years now so I've decided to publish it as a partly complete problem.

One of my favorite pastimes, when I'm bored, is solving the puzzles on Project Euler1. I'm not very far through …

The value of instant feedback

I am a huge believer in the value of instant feedback within security. It's important to pick at what point you give feedback because you don't want to risk spamming users. It's been shown several times that if you show users warnings and they are regularly false alarms that people …

Don't put jokes in warnings

There is a vlog series I quite enjoy Matt and Tom's park bench and one thing they have discussed a couple of times is that the London underground has a number of signs that are used for important information and warnings like "The Piccadilly line is not running today".

But …

Two new iPhone security features

I am at heart a bit of an open source hippy who sees the world through rose coloured glasses. I want to believe that Android1 is the best mobile operating system because it is at it's core open source and it gives users the freedom to run their own …

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