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The one-time pad is not a perfect cipher

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

This will come as no surprise to professional cryptographers but it's a mistake that I see armature cryptographers make over and over again.

When you do crypto 101 you learn that one-time pad provides "Perfect Secrecy" and that it's provably secure …

A simple hack to get around VPN IP conflicts

sudo ip route add dev ppp0

Recently my Aunty had some problems with her backup software at her business and asked if I could help. I could connect in to their VPN but their network was on the subnet and I …

Rediscovering F-Droid

I recently bought a Nokia 6.1 and I've been Loving it but it's running stock Android and one of the best ways to secure your Android device is to not install random apps that you don't trust, and especially not to install untrusted apps that didn't come from the …

Making #FFFFFF brighter

Years ago I used to occasionally read a site called "Clients from hell" basically a page where people (generally freelance graphic designers) could post funny stories about horrible clients and misunderstandings.

Generally, the stories went along the lines of:
Client: I want you to do X work for me.
Freelance …

Nokia 6.1 Review


I bought a Nokia 6.1, I've used it for 3 months, I think it's brilliant. My wife's old phone needed replacing, I was so happy with my phone that I suggested she get a Nokia 6.1 too.

Some context

In May 2018 I bought a Nokia 6 …

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