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Migrating to GitHub Pages

Over the last few years I have not been updating this blog, it's for all the usual reasons to do with time and commitments. Along with that, I'd gotten pretty lax about patching the server it was running on. It had Debian unattended upgrades switched on, but really I should …

How to mount a VHD file on linux

How to do it

Install libguestfs

For Debian and Ubuntu this is pretty easy

sudo apt-get install libguestfs-tools

For Red Hat, Centos, Fedora

sudo yum install libguestfs-tools

For Arch Linux (my distro of choice) you need to install 3 packages from the AUR

git clone https://aur …

Wordfence reivew

TLDR: I tried the free version, I like it.

Amongst other things I do in my day job, I administer a WordPress site. We had a security audit and one of the findings was that our site was misconfigured to show a different failure message for a login when the …

The right to repair

Self Repair Manifesto The Self Repari Manifesto by iFixit

Recently a mate of mine blogged about how Macbooks can only be repaired by apple technicians. This is a story that sort of passed me by but it's becoming increasing common.

I wouldn't have got into IT or learnt anywhere near as much as …

My predictions about autonomous vehicles

No one can predict the future, so I'm going to try. Maybe it will be fun to come back to this post in 10 years and see how laughably wrong I was.

Traffic will become less hectic, not more

CGP Grey posted a great video The Simple Solution to Traffic …

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