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How to tunnel data over DNS

A while ago I wrote a post on tunneling data over DNS that was a technical explanation of what's going on. This post is a tutorial on how to setup a DNS tunnel with iodine.

I'm using DNS Made Easy as my main DNS provider, Debian on an EC2 for …

Switching from Route 53 to DNS Made Easy

Recently on the SAGE-AU mailing list there was a question about which Linux Distro to use to run a DNS server. While Debian and Red Hat both got a lot of support several people commented that for a small domain, it's not worth the effort of running your own (public …

Backup to S3 and restore to EC2

There is an old saying that "there are two types of sysadmins, those that do make backups and those that will make backups". Hopefully there are not too many of the second group. But backing up the data is only part of the picture, you also need to think about …

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