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The one-time pad is not a perfect cipher

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

This will come as no surprise to professional cryptographers but it's a mistake that I see armature cryptographers make over and over again.

When you do crypto 101 you learn that one-time pad provides "Perfect Secrecy" and that it's provably secure …

Creating Guest WiFi passwords

This is a half-baked idea that's been knocking around in my mind for a couple of years now, I've never implemented it and maybe it's more of a solution in search of a problem, but I digress.

I've seen several places where they have guest WiFi and they have had …

Why I've gone off bitcoin a bit

I first heard about Bitcoin at a Perth Linux Users Group talk in 2012 at a Perth Linux Users Group talk, where I thought it was a great idea but didn't think it would really take off so I didn't really pursue it.

But it kept coming up again an …

The bicycle side channel

There is a problem with most cryptographic systems, it's not new and it affects most systems.

Most formal definitions of a "Perfect security" within cryptography (think One Time Pads) still allow for a few things to be leaked; the size of the messages, the sender and receiver of the messages …

Setting Up Full Disk Encryption on Debian 9 Stretch

Previously I did a tutorial on Installing Debian 8 Jessie with full disk encryption, in that tutorial I went into a lot of detail about manually partitioning the disks. If for some reason you want to manually partition your disks I would reccomend that tutorial, it will still work for …

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