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Just use subdomains

Recently Brian Krebs ran a story about a domain that dell forgot to renew and lost control of for a period of time.

One thing that I noticed from the story was that the domain was

I have no idea why large organisations insist on registering new domains …

Fixing no valid mx hosts found

I've been hosting my own email on this domain for just over a year now and I hadn't noticed any problems until a couple of days ago a German friend of mine using GMX tired to send me an email and it bounced back with the error message "no valid …

How to tunnel data over DNS

A while ago I wrote a post on tunneling data over DNS that was a technical explanation of what's going on. This post is a tutorial on how to setup a DNS tunnel with iodine.

I'm using DNS Made Easy as my main DNS provider, Debian on an EC2 for …

Switching from Route 53 to DNS Made Easy

Recently on the SAGE-AU mailing list there was a question about which Linux Distro to use to run a DNS server. While Debian and Red Hat both got a lot of support several people commented that for a small domain, it's not worth the effort of running your own (public …

Tunneling data over DNS

This is an overview of how Tunneling data over DNS works, for a tutorial see How to tunnel data over DNS.

Tunneling data over DNS isn't a new idea but it's one that surprisingly few people even in the security industry are aware of. Software to do dns tunneling has …

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