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The best long haul flight tip I've got, bring an empty bottle

An IT Security focused blog is not really the right place to give out travel tips, but it's my blog so here we go.

I've received lots of great travel tips over the years but one of the best ones was for any flight you go on, especially long haul …

Are loot boxes gambling?

First of all, always read the disclaimer1. I was watching an episode of Extra Credits a while ago and they were addressing loot boxes in games. At 4:22 in the video the question of whether loot boxes are gambling comes up, they say that more research is required …

One hundred prisoners and a light bulb simulation

This is a little off my usual topic of IT Security but it's something I've been thinking about a bit lately. I recently came across the "One hundred prisoners and a light bulb" riddle. It was posed as:

A group of 100 prisoners, all together in the prison dining area …

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