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Don't put jokes in warnings

There is a vlog series I quite enjoy Matt and Tom's park bench and one thing they have discussed a couple of times is that the London underground has a number of signs that are used for important information and warnings like "The Piccadilly line is not running today".

But …

Code reuse is good for security

I was listen to a podcast1 recently and Stephen Ridley from Senrio said "code reuse is vulnerability reuse" and I don't like that.

I don't think Stephen is wrong, I think he is correct in a way and he is a very smart person. The problem is that you …

Learning from failure

Recently I watched a video by Tom Scott about a Museum of Failure. It's a fascinating video and well worth watching.

Often there is a lot of emphases put on learning from the great successes, seeing what successful people or projects have done and trying to emulate them. But learning …

Reuse before buy before build

Yesterday I was at a CIO forum and one of the presentations was about Enterprise Architecture Planning within the West Australian State Government. They were pushing the idea that government departments should work together as a single organisation rather than as separate and sometimes competing entities and they used the …

If you're not paying for it you're not the customer you're the product

There are exceptions to every rule. I'm certainly not saying every free service exists to profit from it's users. I believe in charity and people doing things for the common good. Wikipedia and the Linux Kernel are great examples.

But even with Wikipedia, I would say the "customer" are people …

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