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The right to repair

Self Repair Manifesto The Self Repari Manifesto by iFixit

Recently a mate of mine blogged about how Macbooks can only be repaired by apple technicians. This is a story that sort of passed me by but it's becoming increasing common.

I wouldn't have got into IT or learnt anywhere near as much as …

Why I've gone off bitcoin a bit

I first heard about Bitcoin at a Perth Linux Users Group talk in 2012 at a Perth Linux Users Group talk, where I thought it was a great idea but didn't think it would really take off so I didn't really pursue it.

But it kept coming up again an …

The importance of open standards

I recently looked through my archives and was surprised to find that I hadn't blogged about this before as it's something I get quite passionate about.

Many companies try to set up proprietary standards in IT in an attempt to control the market. It's a horrible practice and needs to …

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