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SEO spear spamming

I've recently started receiving a new type of spam1. It's fairly targeted, so like spear phishing, I'd call this stuff spear spamming.

Instead of regular spam which usually falls into categories like "Buy pills online", "Meet single ladies tonight" and "Open this malware laced attachment" this one is sent …

Spam Filtering

Since I've started hosting my own email server I've been using spam assassin for my spam filtering. All in all it does a pretty good job of stopping spam but unfortuantly without the volume of mail Google has to train it's filter it will simply never be as good as …

Tracking a spam campagn

At work yesterday we got a couple of phishing email claiming to be traffic infringements, nothing too remarkable about that. But interestingly this time the links in the emails to Bitly, a url shortener service that redirects traffic instead of going directly to some hacked site hosting malware.

With Bitly …

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