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The importance of open standards

I recently looked through my archives and was surprised to find that I hadn't blogged about this before as it's something I get quite passionate about.

Many companies try to set up proprietary standards in IT in an attempt to control the market. It's a horrible practice and needs to …

Expiry dates on smart phones and other IoT devices

A while ago someone1 suggested the idea of putting an expiry date on smart phones. The idea was that when manufacturing a device the company would have to commit to pushing out fixes to any CVEs that come up until the given date. So when buying a phone there …

Thinking about how to defend against the PoisonTap

Recently the Samy Kamkar has come out with a device called a PoisonTap, a few months before that Mubix was talking about getting credentials from a locked computer with the LAN Turtle.

Both these attacks exploit the same underlying issue which is that most operating systems (Windows, Linux1 and …

Fixing no valid mx hosts found

I've been hosting my own email on this domain for just over a year now and I hadn't noticed any problems until a couple of days ago a German friend of mine using GMX tired to send me an email and it bounced back with the error message "no valid …

Changing SSH from port 22

Changing the SSH service to run a port other than 22 is fairly common security practice but I don't like it. The problem is that I find it really hard to argue against doing it, because it works.

What ever else I might say in this post it doesn't change …

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