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The bicycle side channel

There is a problem with most cryptographic systems, it's not new and it affects most systems.

Most formal definitions of a "Perfect security" within cryptography (think One Time Pads) still allow for a few things to be leaked; the size of the messages, the sender and receiver of the messages …

Alternative Networks for this site - Tor

Last week I looked a few alternative censorship resistant networks and setup an I2P eepsite. This week I've made Exotic Security available as a Tor hidden service.


I like vanity domain names so first I downloaded Scallion and generated an onion address that started with 'exoticsec'.

Scallion …

Alternative Networks for this site - I2P

I've been very interested in all the different censorship resistant that seem to have sprung up over the last few years so I thought I'd have a look at hosting this site on them. It seems like the ideal site to try them out with because I use pelican to …

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