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Fingerprint readers on phones

I can clearly remember my first reaction when I heard about fingerprint readers on phones. It was a stream of thoughts along the lines of "I bet that will be broken in an matter of days, biometrics are not ready for prime time", "You don't go around leaving a smudgy …

How often should you change your password?

There was an article recently based on a 2010 study that suggested that frequent password changes actually negatively impact security.

I agree with the article but feel that some of the commentary could be a little more nuanced. The thrust of the article is that forcing regular password changes irritates …

AviD's Rule of Usability

There is a quote that's been floating around Security Stack Exchange for a while that I like, it's called AviD's Rule of Usability:

"Security at the expense of usability, comes at the expense of security."

I think it's brilliant. I've see it several times where security has made things too …

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