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Wordfence reivew

TLDR: I tried the free version, I like it.

Amongst other things I do in my day job, I administer a WordPress site. We had a security audit and one of the findings was that our site was misconfigured to show a different failure message for a login when the …

Setting file permissions

This is a fairly short post but it's another one of those Note to self things, I've done this 100 times but I can never remember and need to keep looking up again.

Often I want to go through a directory and set all subdirectories to be readable and all …

Linux mint website hacked

Recently the Linux Mint website and forums were compromised and the download link for the Linux Mint ISO file was replaced with a link to a backdoored ISO file.

While the fact that they were compromised doesn't concern me that much, it happens to just about everyone in the long …

Security and the Media

It's time for me to don my grumpy old man pants and have a whinge about how the attention of the main stream media is like a kitten with glittery bauble. Running all over the place focusing on the flashy and the new instead of focusing on the real issues …

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