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Review of Fatal Flight: The True Story of Britain's Last Great Airship

I've just finished listening to Fatal Flight: The True Story of Britain's Last Great Airship and it is, in a word "Brilliant".

When I started this blog I intended to put up several book reviews, a year and half later, this is my second book review.

Bill Hammack is an incredibly eloquent author and can turn the most seemingly mundane of topics into a fascinating story.

In the book, Bill explores the story of R101 "Britain's Last Great Airship" the people that built it and why it ultimately failed1.

As an engineer, Bill is well equipped to look at the technical details, but he also does an outstanding job of examining the political reasons why airships failed, both for R101 specifically and British airships generally.

While the book is not related to information security, in fact, it's not even related to information technology, it's one of those books that I think would enrich the knowledge of anyone working on large projects be they engineering or otherwise.

Bill has generously released the audiobook as Creative Commons and I would encourage anyone to go over to his site and download a copy.

  1. This was partly the inspiration for last weeks post on learning from failure 

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