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Simple Windows SMTP relay

In a recent post I mentioned that I had survived an Office 365 migration with only minimal scarring. We run HPE Content Manager which is "Enterprise Software". Just like the large government agencies that Content Manager is designed for it's big, slow, resistant to change, expensive, bureaucratic but yet incredibly despite all it's failings, it's occasionally capable of achieving great things like landing on the moon.

Anyway HPE Content Manager hasn't gotten around to implementing TLS before authentication for it's mail processing yet so it can't talk to office 365. So I was looking for a way to setup a mail relay but didn't want to setup a whole new VM just to relay mail.

I was surprised to find that Windows offers a mail relay built in to IIS.


Go to server manager and select Manage > Add Roles and Features


Skip past the before you begin page

Before you begin

Pick "Role-based or Feature-based installation"

Installation Type

Select the local server

Server Selection

Add the "SMTP Server"

Add Features

This will also install IIS 6.0

Add Features

Confirm the setting and install

Confirm settings

Confirm settings


Once the SMTP Server is installed open IIS 6.0. If you have a website on your server (such as HPE Content Manager Web Client) you will see two versions of IIS.


Right click on the SMTP Virtual Server and go to Properties

SMTP Virtual Server

Under the Access tab select Authentication.

SMTP Virtual Server - Access Tab

On the Authentication window, check that Anonymous access is available

SMTP Virtual Server - Authentication

Next from the Access Tab select the Connections window and ensure that only the IP address you want can connect.

SMTP Virtual Server - Connections

Then from the Access Tab select the Relay window and again ensure that only the IP address you want will be allowed.

SMTP Virtual Server - Relay

Then go to the delivery tab, we are going to need the three buttons across the bottom.

SMTP Virtual Server - Delivery Tab

Under Outbound Security enter the user name and password and tick TLS encryption.

SMTP Virtual Server - Outbound Security

Under Outbound Connections change the port to 587.

SMTP Virtual Server - Outbound Connections

Finally under advanced set the smart host to

SMTP Virtual Server - Outbound Connections

Point Mail to the relay

Now you can point HPE Content Manager or whatever it is that you need to relay mail for, to your server.

HPE Content Manger - Mail Settings

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