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Upgrading from Piwik 2.17.1 to Piwik 3.0.0

Piwik have just announced the release of Piwik 3.0 and I was excited to try it out. I've been running Piwik on this site for just over a year. I like Piwik because it allows me to run analytics1 on this site while respecting users privacy, giving users …

Tracking a spam campagn

At work yesterday we got a couple of phishing email claiming to be traffic infringements, nothing too remarkable about that. But interestingly this time the links in the emails to Bitly, a url shortener service that redirects traffic instead of going directly to some hacked site hosting malware.

With Bitly …

Using Piwik Analytics

I once heard Google Analytics described as crack cocaine for marketing folks and webmasters. Now I've never tried crack cocaine, but I have tried Google Analytics and I can see why once you have had it, it's pretty hard to let go.

It gives you a bunch of information, most …

Adoption of new technologies

Google have published some statistics about the rate of IPv6 adoption. They have a better view into traffic and adoption rates than most and so their statistics are generally considered to be the most accurate, but I've always found their graph a little puzzling. Some days it's around 9% and …

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