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Installing Duplicati on a headless Debian Linux server

For this setup I'm using Duplicati to backup to Backblaze. In a previous post I've written some instructions on setting up Backblaze.

SSH into the server

The first thing we have to do is to SSH into the server, because Duplicati will be running as a web service on port …

Setting Up Full Disk Encryption on Debian 9 Stretch

Previously I did a tutorial on Installing Debian 8 Jessie with full disk encryption, in that tutorial I went into a lot of detail about manually partitioning the disks. If for some reason you want to manually partition your disks I would reccomend that tutorial, it will still work for …

Installing OpenCanary on a Raspberry Pi

A few recent Risky Business podcasts have been sponsored by Thinkst and they have been plugging their Canary tools. Basically, little honeypots that sit on your network and sends an alert when something tries to access them. To me, the idea sounded pretty cool but when I looked at their …

Simple postgres basics

This is another one of those things I've done all this several times before, but need to keep looking up the documentation.

To login to PostgreSQL after a fresh installation1 you need to change to the postgres user and run psql (no password needed, it uses Peer Authentication)

sudo …

My IP Tables script example

Below is an example of the IP Tables script I use on many of my servers. The names and IP addresses have been changed to reserved addresses and obviously it needs to be tweaked each time for relevent rules.


# This script is symlinked to /etc/network/if-pre-up.d …

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