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Setting up Backblaze for Duplicati

I've been looking for new backup software for a few months and I've found Duplicati. I'm absolutely stoked with it, it does everything I want from backup software.

Duplicati can backup to a number of different locations and there are several cloud options but I've chosen to go with Backblaze. I like them because they are extremely open with the design of their Storage Pods. Not just on how they work but releasing all the information you need to go and actually build one yourself.

It doesn't hurt that Backblaze are cheaper than Amazon S31 and will mail you a hard drive with your data. Something that CrashPlan used to do until a few years ago.

Signing up to Backblaze

So the first part of setting up Duplicati is setting somewhere to send your backups to, head over to the Backblaze B2 sign up page and click Sign up today

Sign up to backblaze

Put in a username and password2

Sign up to backblaze - password

I was told I needed a phone number

Sign up to backblaze - phone

So I entered my phone number

Sign up to backblaze - phone

and enabled 2-factor authentication

Sign up to backblaze - 2-factor authentication

Create a bucket

Next go to Buckets > Create a Bucket

backblaze - Create Bucket

Once the bucket is created click on "Show Account ID and Application Key" then "Create Application Key".

backblaze - Account ID and Application Key

Record this Application Key and keep it safe, we will need it to setup Duplicati

Now we are ready to install Duplicati. Over the next few weeks I'm going to do posts on:

  • Installing Duplicati on Windows 10
  • Installing Duplicati on a headless Debian Linux server
  • Installing Duplicati on an Arch Linux Laptop

  1. and the same price as Amazon Glacier in Sydney 

  2. I found that passwords are limited to 50 characters, which isn't great but it's not too restrictive. 

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