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Installing Duplicati on Windows 10

For this setup I'm using Duplicati to backup to Backblaze. In a previous post I've written some instructions on setting up Backblaze.


First head on over to Duplicati and download the latest version for Windows (at the time of this writing that's

Start the installer …

Setting up Backblaze for Duplicati

I've been looking for new backup software for a few months and I've found Duplicati. I'm absolutely stoked with it, it does everything I want from backup software.

Duplicati can backup to a number of different locations and there are several cloud options but I've chosen to go with Backblaze …

CrashPlan personal is shutting down

I’m currently using CrashPlan to back up my home server, desktop, laptop and a few computers for family members. I’ve been fairly happy with it and it ticks most of the boxes. But I recently got the email saying that CrashPlan for home will be shutdown.

So now …

Crashplan no longer offer restore to door service

A while ago I got an email from someone who was Googling for rsync crashplan and stumbled upon a previous blog post about backing up servers with rsync then using Crashplan to backup those files.

They were desperately looking for some kind of rsync-like solution to restore a lot of …

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