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Crashplan no longer offer restore to door service

A while ago I got an email from someone who was Googling for rsync crashplan and stumbled upon a previous blog post about backing up servers with rsync then using Crashplan to backup those files.

They were desperately looking for some kind of rsync-like solution to restore a lot of data from Crashplan over a bad connection.

My initial thoughts were that Crashplan had a service where they would send you your backups on a hard disk. The old "never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes" sort of thing.

But after a bit of searching, I found that their Restore-to-Door service was discontinued in early 2016. I was frustrated that I was unable to help the person who had contacted me, but also a little worried that I might end up in the exact same situation.

At the moment I've got a Family license for Crahsplan which for $165 AUD a year covers up to 10 computers. I've got it installed on my several of my computers as well as my mums, uncles, and fiancée. Some of those computers have over 300GB of stuff on them and to download all of that again over the dodgy ADSL we get in Perth would take the better part of a month.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I am seriously considering finding somewhere locally to host my own Crashplan server, that I can get physical access to and not paying for Crashplan's cloud offerings anymore.

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