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CrashPlan personal is shutting down

I’m currently using CrashPlan to back up my home server, desktop, laptop and a few computers for family members. I’ve been fairly happy with it and it ticks most of the boxes. But I recently got the email saying that CrashPlan for home will be shutdown.

So now I'm on the hunt for some new backup software. The features I’m looking for are:

  • Must be Cross Platform (Window and Linux, I don’t need Mac but it would be nice)
  • Must be able to run on a headless Linux server
  • Must be able to do incremental backups at the file level (e.g. If I’ve got a 20GB QCOW2 file and 100Mb of that changes I don’t want to reupload 20GB)
  • Must be able to restore file revisions (not just the latest version like if I just used Rsync)
  • Must be able to encrypt backups locally before uploading them
  • Should be able to upload to some sort of “Cloud” offering. I don’t mind whether that’s the backup vendor’s infrastructure or something public like Amazon S3
  • Should be able to do continuous backups (CrashPlan could run every 15 minutes, that's pretty good)
  • Would be nice if it was also able to back up to a server I control or other desktops.
  • Would be nice if it could backup to a physical drive (external USB hard drive)
  • Would be nice if it was open source
  • Would be nice if it also had a pretty GUI, although I’d take an ugly and difficult system that's set and forget over a pretty GUI that needs tending regularly.

I realise that’s quite a long list but other than headless Linux support I think most of it is pretty mainstream requirements for a backup tool.

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