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Using ssh config to save settings and make your life easier

SSH is an amazing tool, I use it all the time and not just for logging into remote computers, but also to create tunnels, copy files and access git repositories.

But I don't want to have to remember fidily commands something like ssh I2P_Router is so much nicer than something …

My IP Tables script example

Below is an example of the IP Tables script I use on many of my servers. The names and IP addresses have been changed to reserved addresses and obviously it needs to be tweaked each time for relevent rules.


# This script is symlinked to /etc/network/if-pre-up.d …

Thinking about how to defend against the PoisonTap

Recently the Samy Kamkar has come out with a device called a PoisonTap, a few months before that Mubix was talking about getting credentials from a locked computer with the LAN Turtle.

Both these attacks exploit the same underlying issue which is that most operating systems (Windows, Linux1 and …

Adoption of new technologies

Google have published some statistics about the rate of IPv6 adoption. They have a better view into traffic and adoption rates than most and so their statistics are generally considered to be the most accurate, but I've always found their graph a little puzzling. Some days it's around 9% and …

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