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Fixing no valid mx hosts found

I've been hosting my own email on this domain for just over a year now and I hadn't noticed any problems until a couple of days ago a German friend of mine using GMX tired to send me an email and it bounced back with the error message "no valid …

Seting up Matrix Synapse and Riot on Debian 8 Jessie

My partner is going over seas and wanted to be able to make video calls to me back in Australia. Unfortunately because I use F-Droid and don't have the Google Play store on my phone1 I don't have WhatsApp or Viber or Facebook Messanger or... But I recently came …

Setting up mailpile on Debian 8 Jessie for remote access

I've never yet found a mail client that I really love. Outlook is ok in corporate environments. Gmail is probably the best I've used but I'm trying to move away from Google and free 3rd party hosted solutions. Roundcube is pretty good, I'm not a fan of PHP but most …

Setting up Gogs on Debian Jessie with Apache2 and PostgreSQL

These are my notes from setting up Gogs on Debian 8 Jessie with Apache2 and PostgreSQL.

This guide assumes you have a fresh copy of Debian Jessie and it's up to date sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove.


On my server access to all ports except …

Good Bye Google

I'm planning on writing a series of posts tagged with "Good bye Google" that will cover my progress over the last few year in leaving the Google eco-system and moving to open source self hosted alternatives.

I wanted to start with this post first though to explain my rational behind …

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