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Installing Python 3.6 on Windows

Installing Python on Windows is not that hard, but I want the 64 bit version and I want it installed system wide and neither of these are defaults so we need to change things a little.

First we go to and navigate to Downloads > Windows

Python Downloads Windows

Then we need …

pip changing from pep8 to pycodestyle

I recently updated one of the packages in Atom that was called linter-pep8 to version 2.0 which was renamed to linter-pycodestyle. This is because PEP8 the package was renamed to pycodestyle to reduse confusion between the package and the PEP8 the specification.

However after I opened Atom I got …

How to tunnel data over DNS

A while ago I wrote a post on tunneling data over DNS that was a technical explanation of what's going on. This post is a tutorial on how to setup a DNS tunnel with iodine.

I'm using DNS Made Easy as my main DNS provider, Debian on an EC2 for …

The need for new CVEs

LWN has an interesting article CVE woes and alternatives about how hard it is to get a CVE number for a vulnerability. The general thrust is that some researchers have found it too hard and so simply don't bother.

There were some suggestions about a new system that makes it …

What is a TPM

There is a great video that's come out of 2016 where Matthew Garrett talks about Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) what they are, what they can do and how you can use them to secure your computer.

Before watching the video I was vaguely aware that there are …

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