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Rediscovering F-Droid

I recently bought a Nokia 6.1 and I've been Loving it but it's running stock Android and one of the best ways to secure your Android device is to not install random apps that you don't trust, and especially not to install untrusted apps that didn't come from the …

Making #FFFFFF brighter

Years ago I used to occasionally read a site called "Clients from hell" basically a page where people (generally freelance graphic designers) could post funny stories about horrible clients and misunderstandings.

Generally, the stories went along the lines of:
Client: I want you to do X work for me.
Freelance …

Nokia 6.1 Review


I bought a Nokia 6.1, I've used it for 3 months, I think it's brilliant. My wife's old phone needed replacing, I was so happy with my phone that I suggested she get a Nokia 6.1 too.

Some context

In May 2018 I bought a Nokia 6 …

Live chat support on websites

I'll just come out and say it, I like those live chat support things on websites.

Image Name

I feel like I should dislike them because they are usually clunky and often show as a popup at an inconvenient time rather than just an option on the contact us page. There are …

How many android patterns are there?

This is a post I've had kicking around in my drafts folder for just over 2 years now so I've decided to publish it as a partly complete problem.

One of my favorite pastimes, when I'm bored, is solving the puzzles on Project Euler1. I'm not very far through …

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