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Installing Duplicati on an Arch Linux Laptop

For this setup I'm using Duplicati to backup to Backblaze. In a previous post I've written some instructions on setting up Backblaze.


To install Duplicati simply run

git clone
cd duplicati-latest
makepkg -si

Then enable and start the service

sudo systemctl enable duplicati …

Installing software from the Arch User Repository

This is another note to self, it is very simple and I've done this a few times before but every single time I need to go back to the documentation.

In this example I'll install heimdall which is used for flashing new firmware onto samsung phones.

First go to https …

How to tunnel data over DNS

A while ago I wrote a post on tunneling data over DNS that was a technical explanation of what's going on. This post is a tutorial on how to setup a DNS tunnel with iodine.

I'm using DNS Made Easy as my main DNS provider, Debian on an EC2 for …

Setting Up Full Disk Encryption on Arch Linux

I recently switched my laptop over from Debian Stretch to Arch Linux.

Debian is still my go to distribution for any server, but I felt like I was in a bit of a no man's land with my laptop. Debian stable (currently Jessie) is rock solid and reliable but I …

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