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Installing Duplicati on an Arch Linux Laptop

For this setup I'm using Duplicati to backup to Backblaze. In a previous post I've written some instructions on setting up Backblaze.


To install Duplicati simply run

git clone
cd duplicati-latest
makepkg -si

Then enable and start the service

sudo systemctl enable duplicati.service
sudo systemctl start duplicati.service

Setup Backups

Once duplicati has started browse to http://localhost:8200

The first message I got on Arch was asking if duplicati would be running on a multi-user system. I picked "No, my machine only has a single account".

Duplicati Arch Multi-User

Now click on Add Backup > Configure a new backup > Next

Duplicati Arch New Backup

Give your backups a name, you don't need to use encryption but I'd highly recommend it, and I'd also recommend using their password generator and saving the password in a password manager.

Duplicati Arch Setup General

Pick B2 Cloud Storage, put in your Bucket Name, a folder path, your account ID and your application key (from the instructions on setting up Backblaze). It's also a good idea to test your connection before continuing.

Duplicati Arch Setup Destination

Select your source data

Duplicati Arch Setup Source Data

Setup a schedule that works for you, the default on of once a day is pretty reasonable for most personal backups.

Duplicati Arch Setup Schedule

Unless you have a reason to change them I'd leave the default options.

Duplicati Arch Setup Options

And your done, you can hit Run now to start the backups or just wait for the schedule to kick in.

Duplicati Windows Setup

It's that easy.

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