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Expiry dates on smart phones and other IoT devices

A while ago someone1 suggested the idea of putting an expiry date on smart phones. The idea was that when manufacturing a device the company would have to commit to pushing out fixes to any CVEs that come up until the given date. So when buying a phone there …

Good Bye Google

I'm planning on writing a series of posts tagged with "Good bye Google" that will cover my progress over the last few year in leaving the Google eco-system and moving to open source self hosted alternatives.

I wanted to start with this post first though to explain my rational behind …

Liars & Outliers

I read Liars & Outliers in September 2012 however I've only just decided to review it now in September 2015 so this review could be seen as "Which points had enough impact that they stuck with me for 3 years?". There might be some mistakes in this review from my hazy …

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